The Challenge

The idea came to me this summer.

I had dropped out of university 6 months earlier.

At the age of 19, I was wearing a baseball cap to work, had just enough money to pay for my single room in my shared house and the most I did with my working day was clean alot and slap dough into pizza bases.

I was living the drop-out dream….

Until one day, when I was polishing a particular length of stainless steel for the third time. I needed to keep my mind active. I still needed to learn somehow……

I was going to read books. Then I was going to share the learning.

“If you want to be a writer, read 1000 books”

At the beginning of this month, having secured a new job (base-ball cap free), moved house (cheaper and cosier) and planned my Eureka-Moment-Blog to the hilt, I felt ready.

As it happens, I also want to write. Which is why, with my list of “1000 Books You Must Read” in my hand (thank you GuardianBooks website) I was pleased to see the above delaration in this month’s “Writing Mag”. I’ve been told to blog. I’ve been told to read 1000 books. Luckily enough, I’m about to do both. 3-book publishing deal here I come……

Here’s how it works

Unlike alot of reading, this thing has rules (because what’s a bit of learning without a couple of challenges thrown in?)

Challenge #1 : I am a ridiculously slow reader

SO I have given myself a time limit: I have to read each book within a week (Equally, this ensures that we’re not still sat here into our Golden years, waiting for me to take in the last two chapters of a Dickens classic). If you’ve always wanted to know how many minutes and hours it would take to read 1000 books, just keep an eye on the “Numbers” page 🙂

Challenge #2: People

In my time so far on this planet I have picked up this strange habit of accumulating people as I trundle along. Those people, it would seem, want to spend time with me…time that my outrageously out-of-hand literary habit is selfishly eating into. Can I get through 1000 books without losing any friends or epic lovers? I’ll keep a helpful tally…

What we’ll learn!!

Don’t get too exited, but I will most definitely be sharing the wealth* with you. This is what you can expect from each blog entry…

*(wealth is restricted to knowledge only and cannot be exchanged for cash)

What’s going on?!?! i.e. “Spoiler” The plot so far

What’s it got to do with me? This is how we could make the lovely story in front of us relevant to our everyday life (which is useful for that all important self-reflection)

5 critical life lessons I read the whole book, I find the most important things to take away from it; just for you. And I will find 5 important things in each book If.It.Kills.Me.

Most enlightening sentence to one day pass off as our own in intelligent conversation

Still up for it??

I am! (I think..) So please be nice and join me as we take a little adventure through some of the best examples of novels ever written (that we know of..)

Thanks Guys xxxxxx


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